empowering your child to reach their full potential

All parents worry... 


You worry about everything... your child's safety, their happiness, ability to navigate in the world and increasingly, their mental health. Childhood and adolescence are critical stages for mental health and according to WHO 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental health conditions, but the majority of them do not seek help or receive care.


Half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age - That doesn't give us much time, one minute they are starting to crawl - you blink and then they are teenagers (the middle just seems to be a blur).  


Emotional regulation is an important skill that needs to be developed in childhood and adolescence to ensure that they can handle and cope with their experiences, however some children do not naturally develop these skills. They may struggle socially, lack self esteem or due to unforeseen circumstances they may develop self limiting beliefs and low self confidence and then what....? 

Traditionally the focus has been on "problem solving" - but that implies that the problem has already happened and now it is up to you to try and fix it - the issue is - the damage has already been done and then it is all about damage control. But what if there was a different way? a BETTER way? What if we could build up our children by teaching them how to best succeed in life, the skills needed to believe in themselves (to teach them all the things that we WISH we would have been taught!) ... What would that look like? By building positive emotional skills in children and adolescents, it can help promote long term good mental health that will lead to a fulfilling future. 

We all want our children to grow up being confident in their abilities, to "Dream Big" and go for their vision, to surround themselves with positive influences, build strong, healthy relationships, to not let life's hiccups get them down, but to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on... but how do we, as parents ensure that this happens?

I am sure, like every parent, you want your child to develop powerful self-esteem and unstoppable self-confidence and to be able to overcome any hurdle that they may face in their lives allowing them to THRIVE- not just survive. 

My name is Dani Korach and I am a certified WISDOM Coach™ • I use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids by Adventures in Wisdom™ and I am excited to take your child on a powerful learning and growth journey through the 27 sessions that will teach them the mind skills needed to empower them and be able to tackle any obstacles that they may face. Teaching them Wisdom Power will set them on the best trajectory for their lives. 

  • W - Wire their mind for happiness, confidence and success

  • I - Identify who they want to be and what they want in life

  • S - See their inner superstar and shine

  • D - Dream big, live with purpose and make it happen

  • O - Overcome obstacles

  • M - Manage the ups and downs of growing up

Children aged 8 - 13 will have fun whilst learning, through the magic of stories, interactive discussion, exciting games and hands on activities. Adolescence can be a challenging stage of life and therefore the time to help your child deal with the pressures of their teenage years is before they get there - as they say, "prevention is better than cure".  You will enjoy the discussions that take place with your child after the sessions and with the help of the take-home "Parent's Sheets", provided with each session, will ensure you can continue learning together and building a meaningful and long lasting connection. 

Online weekly sessions can be booked as:

  • Individual - private, confidential and catered to suit your child’s individual needs while supporting positive mindset development

  • Private group settings - great for getting a group of friends or class together ensuring that all the children your child is surrounded with are all living by positive values

  • Open workshops - small groups of up to 15 children ensuring that your child can participate, get the most out of the session and make new friends.


Units comprise of:



1. How Your Mind Shapes Your World and What You Can Do to Shape Your Mind

2. Power of Possibility - Why You Achieve What You Believe 

3. Building Neural Pathways - How to Create Your Path to Success

4. The Secret Radar in Your Brain - How to Use Your RAS to Achieve Your Goals

5. Power Shifting - How to Choose Your Power Even When Things Don't Go Your Way



6. The Power of Self-Responsibility - How to Be "The Boss of Me"

7. Choosing Integrity - What You Do When No One is Looking

8. Make Your Mark with Respect - Understanding Your Impact on Others

9. Make Your Mark with Respect - Understanding Your Impact on You

10. How To Make Good Decisions - Choosing What You Want For You

11. Standing Up to Peer Pressure - How to Say "Yes" to You and "No" to Peer Pressure



12. I Love Me! How to Develop Soaring Self-Esteem

13. I Honour Me! How to Be Yourself and Honour Your Uniqueness

14. I Believe in Me! How to Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence

15. Self-Talk - Mastering the Secret Behind Self-Esteem AND Self-Confidence

16. Self-Coaching - How to Conquer the Day-to-Day Ups and Downs and Create

      Daily Mastery



17. Creating Your Vision - What Do You Want?

18. Goal Setting - How to Turn Your Vision Into Action

19. Law of Attraction - Using Attraction and Action to Manifest Your Goals

20. Visualisation - How Winning in Your Mind Creates Winning in Life

21. Affirmations - How to Program Your Mind to Reach Your Goals

22. Gratitude - How an Attitude of Gratitude Prepares You for Your Dreams

Slaying Dragons

23. Overcoming Mistakes - How to Learn From Mistakes and Let Them Go

24. Managing Fear - How to Create Courage and Bust Outside Your Comfort Zone 

25. Moving Past Failure - How to "Put It Into A Box" and Keep on Going

26. Managing Change - How to Embrace Change and Thrive

27. Conditional Thinking - How "If Then" Keeps You From Happiness                               


Let's hear from a couple of parents who have already taken the journey with adventures in Wisdom.. 

“…I know Adventures in Wisdom can give my son the tools to make his life what he wants it to be. I can’t role model every point of view but I can give him the tools to create his life with his own empowerment. So this is why Adventures in Wisdom is so important to me and my family…”

– Melesa (Mom of 10 year old)


“I think this program is great! My son did the story “No One Will Know Nelson” and the activity that went with it (Skill book: Choosing Integrity – What You Do When No One is Looking) and he completely got the message. I’ve already seen a change in his behaviour..

– (Mom of 7 year old).

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