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Ever wondered why millions of kids are given countless tests throughout their school lives…yet never taught HOW to take them?

Learning how to learn and being able to perform under pressure are important skills for kids to develop no matter what they choose to do in life. 

If you ask kids what they don’t like about school, you’ll often hear the same answer


Tests often cause anxiety and stress in kids…. I still remember walking into my exams in my University years RATTLING with the amount of "calming herbal tablets" i had taken... I was SO nervous, how I wish I would have learned these vital skills when I was younger.  

Here are some common experiences we’ve heard from kids:

  • They seem to know the answers at home but freeze up during the test?​

  • They do well on homework assignments and projects but struggle to retain information by test time. They aren’t learning the material effectively.

  • They write an essay response to a test question but their response is disorganised – full of facts and information but the argument isn’t clear.

  • While taking a test, they struggle with one or two questions – sending them into a panic that they are unable to break.

  • They dread test day so much that they lose sleep at night or wake up with a stomach ache or look for some other excuse to stay home.

If you want to help your kids to develop a learning mindset and give them the edge when it comes to studying and taking tests then this program is for you!

You see, kids aren’t born knowing how to study and they aren’t born knowing how to take tests (just like they aren’t born knowing how to dribble a soccer ball, play the guitar, or use good table manners) - this is why these skills must be taught…and here’s why…

In most of the developed world, kids spend at least 9 months each year in school. If they don’t feel successful in school or happy about going to school, they are miserable for 75% of their lives!

That’s a long time to be unhappy

and it can spill over into other areas of their lives as well.

I am a proud, certified WISDOM Coach™ and I am so excited to help kids learn how to be successful in school so they can be confident and prepared to enter the “real world” with purpose, direction, and skills they can use to succeed in life.

In this program your kids are going to learn how to “ace that test” with the

Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests™

We use the acronym “A.C.E. I.T.” to help

kids learn how to:

√ Create an attitude and a mindset for learning and success

√ Develop effective learning skills so they can better recall what they study

√ Take test with intention, integrity, and inner calmness

√ Apply test taking strategies to increase their score

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