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Wisdom Power Women
you have put everyone else first for so long, it is time to prioritise yourself. 

Since Wisdom Power Kids opened, I have been asked countless times if I also work with mothers. They were fascinated by the knowledge, skills and techniques their kids were bringing home and they themselves wanted to know more. 

Children are only with me for 1 hour a week - the other 167 hours they are back at home, so with all the goodwill, if these 8-year-old children are trying to make positive changes in their lives, but they are witnessing and absorbing the natural responses from their parents dealing with anxieties etc, it becomes harder for them to make and keep those necessary changes. 

Therefore, by way of a natural evolution, I am excited to announce that I will also be working with women to help reduce anxiety and to increase their self-awareness. 

  • Understand and manage anxiety

  • Confidence and self-esteem building

  • Boundaries and self-care

To find out more, contact me at +972547171282 or email me on

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