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- Mind Educator

Thank you so much for coming to find out a little bit more about me and the services I provide.

I am a wife and a mother to three wonderful children (unless they are hangry and then, perhaps, not so much) I love cooking and playing Piano. My happy place is at the beach overlooking a sunset (although when i'm still finding sand in the car days later, I regret it... every time) but most importantly, I am deeply passionate about empowering the next generation to enable them to live a fulfilling and successful life.

I'll tell you a little story about how I got here... I worked in the world of Marketing for around 18 years but in recent years felt there was something "missing" - like a gnawing feeling deep in my tummy, telling me that I needed to do something that I found more fulfilling. So I qualified as an

• NLP Practitioner

• NLP Master Practitioner

• Life Coach

• Wisdom CoachTM

• Cache course on Childcare & Education

• Bereavement Counsellor

• Adolescence Depression Counsellor

This gave me a very rounded understanding of the human experience, but I kept questioning "why is it that some people succeed in life whilst others have such a hard time?" Is it true that we are in fact all born differently? Was it the schools we attended? The friends we made early on? The baby formula we were brought up on?!? perhaps..... Yet, I have learned that one of the most fundamental reasons why a person succeeds in life is down to their MINDSET.

A person's mindset starts developing very early on - we model our family and friends and learn how to approach the world from them but, like a double-edged sword, we don't usually have any say in who influences us and therefore we have either had the good fortune of being surrounded by positive influences, teaching us the best, healthiest ways to live our lives or...we haven't... and then it is a matter of playing the cards we have been dealt and hoping for the best - that seemed pretty unfair, especially when the choices we make as adolescents have such a long-reaching impact on our future.

What if there was a better way....?

What if, instead of retroactively teaching adolescents, young adults, and adults how to reprogram their negative and limited thinking patterns, we could ACTIVELY help "program" our children's minds to "think positively, build self-confidence, stand strong against peer pressure, purposefully plan for their lives, but to have the strength of character to understand that failure is simply feedback for them to learn from and not let it phase them".

This thought was the seed that started Wisdom Power Kids and that's where I come in...

It is my belief that every child and teenager should receive Mind Education training as standard. Through my Wisdom Power Child and Wisdom Power Teen program (coming soon), they will learn how their minds work and how best to use them, ensuring that they make wise, healthy choices leading them to live a life of integrity. By teaching them how to power shift (or reframe) their outlook, they learn to take responsibility and be in charge of their lives, their decisions and how they respond (instead of react) to circumstances - by engaging their Wise Mind.


The great thing about the mind is that it is never too late to learn positive skills that will turn a life around but at Wisdom Power Kids, the belief is to teach this as young as possible, the earlier the better. Bad habits are a lot harder to break the older we get so by empowering children to act responsibly, build healthy habits, take initiative and take control of their lives, we can help them see the benefits early on - why should a child have to ‘learn from their mistakes” ?

I look forward to meeting your children and watch them grow into the empowered, responsible young adults that I KNOW they can be.

With my warmest wishes

Dani Korach


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