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Your children will get to like, know and understand themselves better...

Helping children and teens to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and the powerful mindset and life skills needed to handle the ups and downs of life. 


Empowering your kids to reach their full potential.

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"My child was struggling with basic things like going to school alone and it was exhausting for all of us making our days difficult to get through. The sessions with you were absolutely perfect.

They were well thought out, planned out and well-executed. My child connected to you so quickly, it was amazing. Thanks again for everything."

"We got a phone call from the school.(!!).. but this time it was to ask us what had changed in our daughter! She is usually so down on herself and has very little confidence. Since working with Dani, she puts herself forward, answers questions and is actually doing better in school - so much that the teacher felt that she had to call to see what happened! Thank you so much Dani, we are forever grateful"

"My child learned techniques that gave him an outlet to express the things he was feeling which taught him to identify and regulate them better. The program was hard work but it is worth every minute of it. It has literally transformed our child and has had a HUGE impact on our day-to-day lives. Thank you!"

"Our jaws hit the ground! The first time we saw our daughter using the techniques she had learned with you - it was unprecedented! She has always struggled with her anxiety and watching her recognise the signs and know how to deal with it was incredible for us to see!"

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